Bella's Grrreat Holiday Gift & Giving Ideas!

December 16, 2014

Bella is a sugar and spice kind of girl. She's super sweet, cuddly, and always full of kisses, but if another dog tries to push her around or take some of her treats impolitely, Big Bad Beasty Bella appears with a mean scowl, pouting lips, a few teeth showing, and fiery demon eyes. Roar!! Her body has a very similar temperament: things can be fine and dandy one minute and the next her allergies are in a crazy flare-up of Hulk-like proportions over something she ate or touched. She's sweet, tough, and always packing Benedryl.


Bella loves looking and feeling her best, and won't compromise on fashion, comfort or fun. And she also knows from being in her allergist/dermatologist office that she is not the only dog with allergy or skin problems. With this in mind, Bella's idea for the perfect holiday gift is something she calls "Feeling Good & Looking Good for 2015".  Comfort, style, and pooch wellbeing, all wrapped up for Christmas.  Everything in the list can be found at the Amelia Biscuit Company store in Paris.


Her gift idea includes:

  • Pawz Natural Rubber Boots (assorted colours & sizes) $19.99 - $22.99 

  • Treaty Bites Vegan Blueberry Treats 125g bag $5.99

  • Peachy Keen Pets dog gear, starting at $19.99 

  • Canada Pooch Dog Bed, pictured here is the Rugged Rest Donut Bed, LG $109.99

Bella told Santa Paws she really wanted a new, cushy, big bed for nap time. She's been waiting so patiently.  You see, it's not easy to find dog beds that are made with natural, fully washable fabrics (sensitive and allergic skin has special needs, and when yeast is an issue the bed must be washed in hot water), and without chemicals like flame retardants, which are toxic and irritating. Canada Pooch is one of very few companies that makes their beds in Canada, so they are not treated with harmful chemicals (beds imported from the USA often are treated with flame retardants, especially if sold in California).  Their dog beds are also fully machine washable, and come in great colours and styles.  Bella helped develop the recipe for Treaty Bites Vegan Blueberry cookies, so naturally those are on her list.  She didn't want to miss out on healthy, yummy, great cookies just because she has allergies. Let there be a treat for every dog!  Wet winter weather demands proper footwear and Pawz Natural Rubber Boots are perfect for dogs who can't or don't like to wear traditional dog boots.  They help protect sensitive feet from salt and ice, and don't feel intrusive. They are also great for indoors too, such as when visiting friends and family who have wood floors or slippery stairs.  Pawz help keep your pup's nails from marking up floors and give him or her good traction. Bella loves the red ones; every girl needs a pair of red boots, a splash of colour in all that white blah! And to go with those super cute red boots, there's the super fun 'fashion meets function' of Peachy Keen Pets gear. Bella has been wearing PKP pretty much since she was rescued, and really it's the only gear she can wear with such sensitive skin. She loves PKP because they use all-cotton fabrics that are soft and washable, they have tons of great patterns to choose from (Bella LOVES Wonder Woman), many items can be custom sized if ordered directly from PKP, everything is made in Canada, and they do a lot of fundraising for Boston Terrier and Pug charities.  What's not to love about PKP?!


To wrap this gift, Bella says keep it simple:  use cello around the bed and place everything inside it, or wrap the smaller items in paper, put inside the bed, and place a big flashy bow and wrap a thick ribbon all around the bed.  It really doesn't matter how you wrap it, any pooch will go tail-wagging, butt-wiggling crazy when they see it under the tree.  


When it comes to giving, Bella always thinks of Loyal Rescue. This is the rescue that helped her find her furever home, and so she'd really love to give back.  Like any pet rescue, they can always use funds, volunteers, and foster homes. Check out their website and FaceBook page, and see what you can do to help, and be sure the next time you wish to welcome a new furkid into your family that you check out the list of great pets they have ready for adoption. It will change their life and yours in so many positive ways. 

Just a reminder, the Amelia Biscuit Company store in Paris is open every Sunday until Christmas, 11am - 4:30pm.  We also have extended store holiday hours too!  Pop on in for your pet needs and wishes, and you just might see one of our biscuit girls in the store picking out items for their Christmas wish list. 


At Amelia Biscuit we bake the happy into healthy dog treats ... for the holly, jolly, Howliday Season!!


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