Two Paws Up Product Review

September 23, 2014

Back in July we blogged about OregaPet and Grizzly Salmon Oil, two new products that had just arrived at our Paris store.

Both products are holistic, all-natural weapons in the fight against itchy skin - rashes, bug bites, fungal and bacteria infections, allergic dermatitis, etc. One of our four-legged staff, Bella, has tried both of these products and she gives them two very enthusiastic paws up!

Bella is a 9-year old sweet, saucy Boston Terrier lady who has the energy of a much younger pup, and will practically break your face with the love and forceful kisses she has to give. Bella is a rescue dog, surrendered by a loving home that couldn't deal with the immense and intense allergies she has.  Skin issues have been Bella's nemesis for much of her life:  she has contact, seasonal and food allergies, and then add in her bad reactions to bug bites ... needless to say healthy skin and immunity are a constant challenge. Her worst issues are yeast and bacterial infections, which cause her to be very itchy: her skin becomes smelly, rash-covered, sometimes she also gets patches of thick plaque on her skin, and her hair falls out in clumps or becomes very easily damaged.  She turns into a hot mess in short order, and sometimes this happens out of blue.  Bella lives with Benny, a 12-year old blind Boston Terrier senior, who is also full of energy, determination and a ton of beans. 


Bella has been using the OregaPet Oil of Oregano Drops in her daily diet and also the Bed & Body Spray. The drops have really helped keep her internal yeast issues in check, her digestion is better and even her teeth look a bit cleaner.  The spray was fantastic as a bug repellent at the cottage, both Bella and Benny used it and during the 5 day Muskoka stay each dog only ended up with only one bite each (unlike their Mum who had over 30 ... She should have used the spray too!).  Bella has also been using it on her bed and blankets, and getting a few sprays on her skin to calm itching and kill any potential yeast or bacteria present.  The household Fido medical kit also has a jar of the OregaPet First Aid Gel, and it is a really lovely product that really works very well on cuts, scrapes, rash spots or burns. It's not cheap but a little goes a long way and it works fast. The humans are using it too (and absolutely loving it). 


Both Bella and Benny have been getting Grizzly Salmon Oil in their food daily, and the results are really great!  We have tried other salmon oils in the past and none have compared to this one! It must be the 'wild' Alaskan factor and the way they process it - that's our guess anyway. Before we started the Grizzly Salmon Oil trial, Bella was in the midst of having post-winter skin issues: big bald patches all over her back (probably from bacteria), dandruff and scaly skin, and much of her hair had gotten thin, fragile and rather dull.  

In the first month of using the salmon oil, the new hair growth was stronger, much thicker, softer and very shiny.  Her new hair is also a lovely jet black and bright white too, the darkest and whitest we've seen since adopting her!  


As of today, we have been using the salmon oil for over two months and all the bald patches are filled in, she sheds a lot less when bathed, and even when partially shaved for allergy testing the hair has come back twice as fast.  Her skin is less dry, her dandruff is pretty much gone, and overall it's starting to feel much more normal.  Benny is seeing the benefits of this oil in his coat and his mobility!  He's a very active senior who's had knee surgery, and Grizzly Salmon Oil is giving him some new spark in his step and super shine in his brindle coat.

Both the vet and the dermatologist/allergist are very happy to see these products as part of the dogs' lifestyle and daily regiment.  It's always great when you can achieve positive results and happy dogs with holistic, natural products. 


Have you tried these products or any others we've blogged about?  If so, tell us about your experience and we will post your dog's photo and review on our FaceBook page in our new 'Customer Reviews' section. 


At Amelia Biscuit we bake the happy into healthy dog treats.


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