On the road with Rosie: Day 3, 4, & 5: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

July 22, 2014

Rosie finally sent all the updates and photos from her journey to the North, to spread the word about Amelia Biscuit Company treats. It was tough some days to share anything as there wasn't any internet or cellular signal on the road, so she had to hang on to her 'tails'.  She had so much fun and she met lots of great people, but she was exhausted when she got home.  Girl needed a few days of beauty rest!  So, today Rosie sent me all the details and the photos.  Without further ado, here's her report from the road!


Wednesday July 16:

We left Sault Ste. Marie and headed back towards Sudbury.   It was a tough morning, I was so tired from all my selling and schmoozing the day before.  I really could have stayed in bed all day. 


So, after my Mum got me out of bed (with some force and bribery), we hit the road. First stop was Walden Pet Food Plus in Lively.  I talked with the lovely owner, AnnaLisa.  She was so nice!  I worked my kissy sales magic and Walden Pet will be getting shrink wrap bakery treats and summer cookies.  Yay! 

Then it was back on the road again, next stop was at a store called Tail Blazers in Sudbury (1877 Regent Street). The owner is a really nice lady named Jolie Bianchin. She even posed for a picture with me out front.  I gave her lots of kisses, and even during our picture!  It worked!!  They will be carrying our Treaty Bites and all greeting cards.  Rosie Bird is on a roll!! 

And then it was on to Pet food Warehouse in Sudbury. We popped in to say hi and see how they were doing with our treat sales.  They carry our Christmas treats every year.  


That night I got to stay with Simon and Dora again, and talk to my assistant, Alex, about all my travels and plans .... the fish tank, the boardwalk, and maybe an RV or trailer so i can travel all around in style and visit stores, sell some more treats, give kisses.  I also enjoyed a lovely steak dinner that night.  The perfect way to end a successful and fun day!



Thursday July 17:  

Up early again, goodness I don't like mornings!!  How do humans do this???


We went to visit Sue's Pet Depot in Sudbury.  It was such a beautiful store, with pretty much everything a pet could want.  They already stock our full line of Treaty Bites, so we were stopping by to see how sales were and to let them know about new stuff ... like the Lobster & Maple Treaty Bites, coming this fall!! I'm so excited about this, as is my friend Rhea.  They better make some room for this popular flavour, room for it to fly off the shelves that is!

Oh my, they have rabbits!!!  They have rabbits in a box where I can see them and talk to them!!!  I know there are some in my yard but they run so fast I hardly get to say hello.  Helllloooooooo rabbits!!  Oooh I want one.  Note to Alex:  We need Dad to build a big box outside for my rabbit colony. I will be their queen and we can have some fun parties in Rosieland.  Need help catching them too.  And they had something called a Guinea Pig too.  Oh my, choices, choices!!  I gotta tell my bestie Bella about these little creatures when I get home.  She has chipmunks, squirrels and bunnies around her house, but I don't think she's ever seen a Guinea Pig.  She'll want to know about these things ... 

After my Dad pried me away from the cute rabbits, we were off to Pet Valu in Sturgeon Falls.  This town reminds me a lot of Paris - sweet, small downtown.  They are going to consider our treats for fall, maybe. Paws crossed!  Keep your paws crossed dogs of Sturgeon Falls and be sure to come in and tell them you need our Treaty Bites!! 


And then it was off to Lisa's Doghouse in North Bay, an independent pet store like us!  I love the name - it's very cute!!  It was a really lovely place with lots of great healthy stuff!  We met with Blake, Lisa's husband.  He was very nice and let me sit on the counter.  They said they would think about stocking our treats and that they really liked our ingredients.  While we weren't successful at getting them to stock us at the moment, we will keep trying. They said they need to see some customer demand too, so dogs of the area whose parents shop at Lisa's Doghouse ... start barking us up!!

We ended the day with having some yummy supper, I had a lovely chicken foot for chewing, and we checked into Clarion Hotel in North Bay.  Boy were my dogs barking!!  Ha! 


July 18:  

Is it morning already!?!?  Ughh!!  Just another 5 minutes ... or 5 hours maybe. I need my beauty sleep!!!

After some awful parents of mine who won't be named made me get out of bed, we were off to visit Pet Valu in North Bay.  It was a really nice store but sadly the owner was on vacation, so we need to check back in a couple of weeks when they return.  The people we spoke to really liked our product though, so that's good. The owner of this location has 2 stores in North Bay, so paws crossed we are successful when we get to talk to them!

Then it was off to Global Pet Foods in North Bay.  It was a great store with friendly people. They thanked me for stopping in to say hi, but said no thanks to my treats.  I was kind of sad about this but my Dad said not to worry, sometimes even the cutest dog in the world can't win. I'm just not used to this ... this NO thing ... only Auntie Kyla tells me NO when I bark too much, but mostly everyone else says YES to me. This is unsettling. Am I losing my charms?  I need a chicken foot or a Treaty Bite to calm my nerves. 


North Bay was a tough town for sales, I didn't conquor them and blanket their stores with our treats. But i'm not giving up so easily!!  I'd like to ask all of the dogs in North Bay and surrounding area to beg your local pet stores to stock our delicious, healthy treats. Help us take over the North!! 


Then we moved on to visit Pet Valu in Huntsville.  It was a really nice store with some lovely staff, including their owner named Jill.  Mum and I gave them a training session on all of our products and why we are awesome and the BEST.  I wanted to talk about the benefits of chewing chicken feet, but Mum said that might not go over well.  Hmmm ... humans are weird.  Anyway, this Pet Valu was interested in our treats but they haven't ordered as of yet.  Paws crossed though that they reconsider.  So, dogs of Huntsville bark us up and help us spread the Treaty Bites wealth to your city. 

Then it was time for lunch, so we went to the Huntsville Park.  I had some really yummy roasted chicken with my Mum.  It was really nice to take a break from sales, get some fresh air and feel the grass under my belly.

Dad said it was time we head back home, for some rest and relaxation.  I really do need a nap too! 


Overall it was a great trip. I got see some great places, meet some great people, and spread the word about the wonderful healthy treats we make. My goal is still absolute Canadian domination, maybe one day the world, but I realize that might take some time, a lot of road trips and schmoozing, and I definitely need some help from all our fans -- talk to your local stores about Treaty Bites and Amelia Biscuit Bakery Treats, and get them to stock us!!  Dogs - you deserve healthy, yummy, Canadian treats!!   


So, What did I learn? It's hard work being on the road. 

What did we accomplish? As of next week, customers will find our treats in stores throughout Northern Ontario!! We will continue to work on filling in the gaps and we appreciate all the support from our loyal fans and friends. 


Okay, i'm off to nap in a sunspot and plan the next steps in my Canadian domination.


Lots of love & kisses,


Rosie 🐾


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July 22, 2014

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